Care Management

CARE MANAGEMENT – “We Bring Wellness to You!”

With a constantly evolving health care system, planning for your care can be both a confusing and complicated experience. Why not let EssenMED Care Management help you out?

What is Care Management?

Care Management provides you with the tools necessary to improve your overall care and reduce your need for additional medical services by empowering both you and your health care team to manage and control your health conditions more effectively.

Once enrolled, you will start by being assigned a dedicated care manager who will work with you and your health care team to customize a health care plan that best fits your specific needs. From there, your care manager will work with you to better manage and coordinate your health conditions…enabling you to take a more active, hands-on role in your overall wellness.

What services are offered by Care Management?

Some of the services offered to you by Care Management that we can help you with once you are enrolled include:

  • Coordinating transportation to and from your medical appointments
  • Assistance with securing housing or addressing other housing issues
  • Help with managing your medications
  • Locating mental health & substance abuse treatment centers
  • Securing a home health aide as well as occupational, physical and speech therapies
  • Working with a dietician or nutritionist to make healthy meal decisions
  • Access to local food banks and securing home-delivered meals
  • Connecting you with important community programs to keep you active and engaged

Have Medicaid or Medicaid HMOs and interested in enrolling in EssenMED Care Management?

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