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Essen Health Care’s Clinical Clerkship Program Announces Success of 17 Applicant Matches for Residency Programs

Essen Health Care’s Clinical Clerkship Program Announces Success of 17 Applicant Matches for Residency Programs

Bronx, NY, April 20, 2017– Essen Health Care proudly announced the successful match of 17 of its Clinical Clerkship Program participants to Residency Training Programs – a 68% success rate – at hospitals across the country. The placement offers were extended by a number of competitive hospitals in New York, including Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center and New York–Presbyterian Hospital. Other notable placement locations included Capital Health Medical Center in New Jersey, Marshall School University of Medicine in West Virginia, and Berkshire Medical Center in Massachusetts.

“We are very excited for all the clerkship participants who matched this year. Their success is a testament to our clerkship program and will serve as role model for future residents,” said Dr. Sumir Sahgal, Medical Director of Essen Health Care.

Since its inception in 2005, Essen’s Clinical Clerkship Program has provided a vehicle for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) to garner the domestic clinical experience necessary for U.S. residency program placement. The program is offered as either a part-time or full-time position, geared toward helping participants accrue clinical hours to more competitively position their application and enhanced qualifications for possible residency placement in the U.S. In addition to providing hands-on clinical experience, Essen Health Care offers opportunities for employment, networking, and research and publication outlets for all IMG program participants.

“The clerkship program has provided me with direct patient interaction, EHR experience and helped me increase my clinical skills. Overall it was an amazing experience” noted Mohammed Seth, a program participant who successfully matched in Internal Medicine at Berkshire Medical Center.

Initially launched with only a handful of dedicated IMGs, to the current longstanding enrollment of over 90 rotating members of various medical graduate specialties and levels, Essen’s Clinical Clerkship Program has ushered many aspiring physicians into the medical field throughout New York State and beyond.

“An IMG must overcome three major obstacles on the journey to residency – success on the USMLE, obtaining valuable clinical experience within the U.S. healthcare system, and earning strong, defining letters of recommendation. Essen provided all of the above plus an impressive learning environment, where I was able to gain clinical experience” shared Kevat Patel, a program participant who successfully matched in Internal Medicine at Marshall University School of Medicine.

For more information about Essen Health Care or its Clinical Clerkship Program please contact Abraham Gandi at 929-239-4160 or via email at


Metro Urgicare Announces Grand Opening of New Location in Allerton Section of the Bronx

March 6, 2017, Bronx, NY – Metro UrgiCare announced the upcoming grand opening of its newest Bronx location at 2720 White Plains Road, Bronx, NY, 10467. To mark the occasion, Metro UrgiCare will be hosting special guests, community‐based organizations, health champions, and community leaders for a celebration from 12:00PM‐2PM on Wednesday, March 15, 2017. On hand to cut the ceremonious ribbon will be Bronx Borough President, Ruben Diaz, Jr.

The 2720 White Plains Road location will be the 6th facility opening since Metro UrgiCare opened its doors in the Bronx in 2015. The center provides care for patients of all ages, offering urgent care, employer health services, and basic wellness and prevention services. Metro UrgiCare locations are specially designed to increase access to medical care and to expedite the treatment of ailments that, although not life‐threatening, simply cannot wait. Walk‐in treatment is available for everyday illness and injury, including more advanced services such as IVs, labs, stitches and treatment for broken bones, sprains and strains. For greater patient convenience, pre‐registration and appointments can also be made via mobile app. Local employers can use Metro UrgiCare for employer health services including workers’ compensation, injury care, pre‐ and ongoing employment screenings, physicals and regulatory exams. Basic wellness and prevention services include sports physicals, routine physicals, and immunizations.

“Access to urgent care is an integral component of our approach to holistic patient‐centered care. Our mission is to provide the best care for our patients and to provide services that help foster a healthy community,” said Dr. Sumir Sahgal, President and Chief Medical Officer. “Everything about our Metro UrgiCare centers is focused on our patients – from weekend and extended hours to conveniently located state‐of‐the‐art facilities ‐ we are truly dedicated to providing high‐quality care when patients need it the most.” Caring for some of the poorest and sickest populations in the Bronx since 1999, through Metro UrgiCare’s parent company Essen Health Care, Dr. Sahgal recognized the growing evidence of the benefits of urgent care services and knew that offering the service was the right thing to do for patients and the community as a whole. Current and future expansion plans include locations where timely access to care is difficult to find. Metro UrgiCare will continue to expand throughout the Bronx and New York City area with a total of 10 facilities opening in 2017.
Founded in 2015, Metro UrgiCare is an urgent care organization based in New York City. Utilizing cutting‐edge technology and a patient‐centric model of care, Metro UrgiCare is dedicated to providing quality medical services, when patients need it the most. Our patients enjoy accessible rapid service and treatment, provided by expert clinicians and staff. For more information about Metro UrgiCare visit our website at or contact us at


Essen Health Care’s Health Home Program Empowers Patients to “Take Back” Their Health

When Benjamin Franklin wrote, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” there was no way for him to know just how applicable his words would be, nearly three hundred years later, to our health care system. As the average cost of health care continues to rise, there is a concerted effort amongst health care professionals to empower and educate their patients to take on a more pro-active role in their own care management. For Tricia Williams, Care Coordinator at Essen Healthcare’s Health Home, it’s about making sure her patients know she’s out there fighting for them:

“It’s important to me to be a care coordinator because there are times when people need advocates. Our patients are like family. I want them to know that they matter and that they have a voice,” said Williams. Recognizing early on the importance of both team-oriented and patient-empowerment, Essen added Health Home Program to the umbrella of patient services in 2014 when the program was introduced by New York State.

“Health home allows us to bring care together by addressing issues that affect health and cannot be addressed in medical office” says Dr. Sahgal. “It brings care together.” As soon as patients are enrolled in Essen’s Health Home, they are assigned a dedicated care coordinator assesses their needs and develop a personalized health care plan. Care coordinators are responsible for managing and coordinating care plan to enable the patient to play a much more active role in their wellness. By combining telephonic outreach and home visits, care coordinators are better able to understand the variety of factors that are impacting their patient’s health.
Clinical coordinators are often able to prevent the progression of medical conditions simply by helping patients secure services or resources to address issues with: medication/appointment management; housing; transportation; mental health/substance abuse treatment; needed medical equipment, such as canes and walkers; and so much more.
Best of all, patients enrolled through Essen’s Health Home also have access to Essen Health Care’s entire network of medical providers, improving access and quality of care. Some of the medical services that Health Home patients have direct access to include: cardiology (heart wellness); dermatology (skin care); mental and behavioral therapy; podiatry (foot care); and pain management.
For Williams, the emphasis is less on what she can do for her patients and more on what she can help her patients do for themselves: “People do not always know how or where to get certain things they need, such as referrals or medical equipment.
The Health Home is especially important at this time because it helps keep people engaged in the community and out of the hospital or emergency room. We connect them to their communities and their caregivers…and we’re able to show them that they aren’t alone.”
                                                         Left to right: Tricia Williams,Donna Parsons, Dr. Sumir Sahgal
For more information about Health Home and Essen Health Care, please visit



Essen’s Clinical Clerkship Program Sees 16 Applicants Match for Residency

Bronx, NY (March 30, 2016)— Essen Medical Associates is proud to announce that 16 participants of its Clinical Clerkship program, a program designed to prepare International Medical Graduates (IMG’s) for residency application, recently matched. The placement offers encompassed a number of competitive hospitals including, but not limited to, Mt. Sinai St. Lukes, Bronx Lebanon, and South Nassau. This pool of 16 represents over 40% of the program’s active applicants.

Since its inception in 2005, Essen’s Clinical Clerkship program has provided an outlet to international medical graduates looking to garner the domestic clinical experience necessary for U.S. residency program placement.

The program is offered as either a part-time or full-time position, geared toward helping participants accrue clinical hours to more competitively position their application and enhanced qualifications for possible residency placement in the U.S.

In addition to providing hands-on clinical experience, Essen Medical offers opportunities for employment, networking, and research & publication outlets for all IMG program participants.

“The clerkship program was a great opportunity for me to gain valuable hands-on experience,” shared Charles Odom, a clerkship participant who successfully matched in the Psychiatry residency program at Bronx Lebanon Hospital. “I gained clinical experience that’s not easily accessible to an international medical graduate.”

From launching the program with a handful of dedicated IMGs, to the current long standing enrollment of over 100 rotating members of various medical graduate specialties and levels, the program has ushered many aspiring physicians into the medical field throughout New York State and beyond.

For more information on Essen’s Clinical Clerkship Program, or its application process, please visit or call 929 239 4160.


 Essen Health is an integrated healthcare delivery organization that provides high quality, compassionate, and accessible medical care to many of the most underserved residents of New York State. Guided by a population health model of care delivery, Essen’s patient-centric approach is focused on meeting patient needs in all care settings. With five clinical divisions, patient care is provided in medial offices, urgent care centers, hospitals, and nursing homes, as well as directly to patients in their homes. Founded in 1999, Essen clinicians provides care in all five boroughs of New York City and the surrounding communities.cclogo


Essen Health Founder Appointed New York State Board of Medicine Member

Dr. Sahgal

Sumir Sahgal, MD, Population Health Pioneer, to help effect the selection of
future NY Physicians

Bronx, NY (Feb. 1, 2016) – The New York State Education Department announced the appointment of Sumir Sahgal, M.D., Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Essen Health, to the State Board of Medicine, as one of its newest members. The selection, based on recommendations by the Commissioner and by the board of regents, is for a five-year term. Dr. Sahgal, will serve as a Medical Board Member, assisting the board of regents and the department on matters of professional licensing requirements, examinations, and practice issues.

“I’m honored to be a member of this esteemed board.  The opportunity to help guide the caliber of future colleagues and practitioners in our State is a tremendous privilege,” shared Dr. Sahgal. As a board member, he plans to advocate for further improvements in patient care quality and workforce development especially to supplement physician shortages plaguing underserved communities.

A patient champion at his core, Dr. Sahgal established Essen Medical Associates, P.C. 15 years ago to bring primary care to an underserved community in the Bronx. What was once a single primary care office has since evolved into Essen Health, an integrated healthcare delivery organization, catering to the diverse medical needs of New York City residents. Essen Health’s divisions of care currently include eight multispecialty medical offices, a house calls program, urgent care centers, physician services in nursing homes, and a hospitalist program.

Dr. Sahgal holds a Master’s degree in Health Policy and Management from New York University. Among his notable accomplishments and leadership roles, Dr. Sahgal is currently the Chief Medical Office of Balance ACO, and also serves on a number of committees including, the International Medical Graduates Governing Council of the American Medical Association (AMA), and is the Chair of the Committee for International Medical Graduates at the Medical Society of the State of New York (MSSNY). He also serves as Bronx District Councilor for the American College of Physicians.


 About Essen Health: Essen Health is an integrated healthcare delivery organization that provides high quality, compassionate, and accessible medical care to many of the most underserved residents of New York State. Guided by a population health model of care delivery, Essen’s patient-centric approach is focused on meeting patient needs in all care settings. With five clinical divisions, patient care is provided in medial offices, urgent care centers, hospitals, and nursing homes, as well as directly to patients in their homes. Founded in 1999, Essen clinicians provides care in all five boroughs of New York City and the surrounding communities.

For more information, please visit


Essen Health’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sumir Sahgal, Named ‘Physician Executive of the Year’ by the Medical Group Management Association

Dr. Sumir Sahgal (left) receiving his 'Physician Executive of the Year Award' from MGMA Board Chair, Deborah J. Wiggs (right)

Dr. Sumir Sahgal (left) receiving his ‘Physician Executive of the Year Award’ from MGMA Board Chair, Deborah J. Wiggs (right)

Bronx, NY (October 15, 2015) — Essen Health is proud to announce that its Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Sumir Sahgal, was recently honored by the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) with the prestigious ‘Physician Executive of the Year Award’. The award was presented to Dr. Sahgal on October 13th, 2015 during the MGMA’s Annual Conference in Nashville, Tennessee.

Dr. Sahgal was chosen from a large pool of dedicated executives for his exceptional leadership and tremendous commitment to quality healthcare in the community. This latest recognition reflects 15 years of innovative and excellent medical practice by the Essen Health team.

“This award recognizes the hard work of the Essen team. By building a network of services that transcends care settings, we have created a patient-centered approach to care. This allows us to adapt to a constantly changing healthcare environment and provide our patients with high quality accessible care” said Dr. Sahgal.

Dr. Sahgal has worked with unwavering commitment toward building Essen Health to serve the elderly and chronically-ill community. Essen Medical Associates, P.C., a comprehensive multi-specialty medical group, began with one office location and has since expanded to seven offices in the Bronx. In 2005, Dr. Sahgal founded EssenMed House Calls, an extension of Essen Medical Associates dedicated to providing efficient quality medical care for disabled and homebound members of the community. The Essen Health team is comprised of both medical and managerial staff members all dedicated to delivering quality care.

A board certified internist, Sumir Sahgal, MD, earned his medical degree from the University of Delhi. Afterwards, he completed his Internal Medicine Residency training program at Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center in Brooklyn, and earned his master’s degree in Health Policy and Management from New York University. In addition to leading Essen Medical Associates, P.C., Dr. Sahgal serves as Chief Medical Officer of EssenMed House Calls, New York’s largest medical house call provider; and Metro Urgicare, a rapidly growing urgent care practice dedicated to treating patients with episodic illnesses.

For further information on Essen Health, please contact Kenneth Barrios at 347-200-7717, and be sure to follow EssenMed House Calls on FaceBook and @Doctor2YourHome on Twitter for the latest news and updates.





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EssenMed House Calls Expands Its Offices to Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay

Bronx, NY(October 5, 2015) – EssenMed House Calls, New York’s largest privately held in-home medical house calls service, is proud to announce that on October 1st, 2015 it expanded its offices to the Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn. Opening an additional administrative office in Brooklyn is a natural extension of EssenMed House Calls’ infrastructure as the need for our services in Brooklyn has grown significantly in the last few years.

Since its inception in 2005, EssenMed House Calls has diligently served the homebound communities of all five boroughs of New York, as well as lower Westchester, and has a solid reputation for excellence in the medical community. In August of 2015, Inc. 5000 ranked EssenMed House Calls the fastest growing in-home primary care practice in the country, and just a few months prior, Chief Medical Director, Dr. Sumir Sahgal, was named House Calls Doctor of the Year by the American Academy of Home Care Medicine. Expanding to Sheepshead Bay, and thus more effectively servicing homebound Brooklyn natives, is just one example of EssenMed House Calls’ efforts to reach more patients in dire need of in-home medical care. It is with unwavering dedication to providing the highest quality care to all those who need in-home attention that EssenMed House Calls embraces growth and constantly looks to maximize the efficiency of its service.

“During this past decade, we have worked tirelessly to ensure that innovative, high-quality health care is accessible to all individuals, especially underserved populations such as the chronically ill, frail, elderly and disabled, who are often overlooked in a constantly-changing health care environment,” said Dr. Sumir Sahgal.

As part of this crucial expansion, EssenMed House Calls will be working closely with Dr. Mark Dashevskiy, a beloved and acclaimed Brooklyn-based geriatrician. Dr. Dashevskiy brings to the EssenMed House Calls team an impressive record of house call experience as well as fluency in the Russian language.  As the Sheepshead Bay area boasts a significant population of Russian speakers, Dr. Dashevskiy’s abilities will help ensure that EssenMed House Calls is able to effectively provide in-home care for a larger cultural spectrum of patients in need. Russian is the latest addition to EssenMed House Calls’ ever growing résumé of multilingual support joining such languages as English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

Patients with EssenMed House Calls enjoy a variety of necessary in-home services including: routine care, chronic disease management, specialty care, diagnostic testing, and interim care for those recently discharged from a hospital or nursing home. EssenMed House Calls also offers care management, a service that goes beyond what a patient traditionally receives during a physician visit. EssenMed House Calls providers not only give the patient quality medical attention, but also identify any health risks in the home that could hinder a patient’s complete comfort and recovery.  Such meticulous care, in coordination with caregivers, translators, and social workers, guarantees patients have a full and robust system of support during their road to recovery.

Moving forward, EssenMed House Calls plans to continue expansion efforts and widen its service area to make efficient in-home healthcare a reality for as many homebound communities as possible.

For more information on EssenMed House Calls, visit or call at 718.294.6200. Also, be sure to like “EssenMed House Calls” on Facebook and follow @Doctor2YourHome on Twitter to receive frequent updates.




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EssenMed House Calls’ TOC Program Helps St. Barnabas Reduce 30-day Readmission Rates

Bronx, NY (September 17, 2015) – It is with great pride that EssenMed House Calls applauds our esteemed partner, St. Barnabas Hospital, for being recognized by the medical community as a pioneer in hospital reduction of 30-day patient readmission rates.

In their efforts to drastically reduce 30-day readmission rates, St. Barnabas Hospital revisited the process of patient recovery, from admission to post-discharge. As part of this process, St. Barnabas Hospital identified EssenMed House Calls as a necessary asset to provide excellent post-discharge care. Since February of 2013, St. Barnabas Hospital and EssenMed House Calls have joined forces to provide high quality medical attention to discharged patients through EssenMed House Calls’ Transition of Care Program (“TOC”). Upon receiving the referral, EssenMed House Calls contacts patients within 24-48 hours to schedule an initial TOC visit. The vast majority of initial visits occur within four to seven days of discharge.

Using discharge summaries provided by the healthcare facility, EssenMed House Calls follows patients, most of whom are elderly or chronically ill, for 30 days immediately following discharge. During this time, EssenMed House Calls engages patients in telephonic as well as face-to-face check-ins and coordinates and arranges for any supplementary specialty medical or non-medical services needed to rehabilitate high-risk patients back into their community, all in an effort to avoid unnecessary re-admissions into hospitals or emergency rooms.

Additionally, during the 30 day period, EssenMed House Calls collaborates with any specialty provider along with the patient’s primary care physician to ensure an effective transition into the community. After the 30 day TOC period is concluded, EssenMed House Calls provides the patient’s primary care physician a  comprehensive summary of the patient’s plan of care, bringing the TOC process to full circle.

The TOC program started in response to the 2012 Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program, a byproduct of the Affordable Care Act. This new legislation was introduced to combat excessive 30-day readmission rates in hospitals. EssenMed House Calls seized the opportunity to implement the TOC program, formalizing many of the interventional components it already had in place for its long-term house call patients, to improve the quality and efficiency of in-home patient care for this newly targeted patient population.

“The first 30 days following a hospital stay are the most critical to ensuring that patients properly recover and avoid complications,” said Dr. Sumir Sahgal, EssenMed House Calls’ chief Medical Officer. “We have found this model to be very cost-effective in reducing hospital readmissions as well as provide patients with the caliber of personalized care management that leads to increased patient satisfaction.”

Following the TOC program’s 4 pillars (medication management,  early warning interventions, patient centered health record, and primary care provider/specialist follow up), EssenMed House Calls strives to provide effective, quality healthcare for post-discharge patients in all five boroughs of New York as well as Westchester. EssenMed House Calls continues to proudly serve as the largest house call provider in the state of New York, and provides compassionate, multilingual support to patients in need.

St. Barnabas Hospital has worked diligently in conjunction with EssenMed House Calls to transform handling of patients with chronic conditions and, since 2011, has amassed a 14 percent reduction in 30-day readmission rates. Impressively, St. Barnabas Hospital, assisted by the continued efforts of EssenMed House Calls holds an astoundingly low readmission rate of 0.12% of its entire Medicare patient population in 2015.   At a time when almost all urban hospital face increasing penalties for readmission by Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS), St. Barnabas is the rare exception with reducing readmission each year, having the lowest penalties (0.19%) among those hospitals this year.  Such achievements are the result of fluid partnership between EssenMed House Calls and St. Barnabas Hospital and devout dedication toward consistent, quality healthcare.

Since partnering in 2013, EssenMed House Calls’ TOC providers cared for 2,400 of St. Barnabas Hospital chronically-ill patients and looks forward to continued successful relations with St. Barnabas Hospital.   For more information on EssenMED House Calls, visit or call 718.294.6200.


EssenMED House Calls Among the Fastest Growing Companies in the U.S.

Bronx, NY (August 13, 2015) – EssenMED House Calls, the largest privately held in-home medical care provider in New York State, announced today that it has been named to the 2015 Inc. 5000, an exclusive ranking of America’s fastest-growing private companies.  Ranked as the fastest growing in-home primary care practice in the country, EssenMED House Calls is honored for bringing compassionate, patient-centered in-home medical care to nearly 4,000 homebound patients across all five of New York City’s boroughs and Westchester. Among companies in the healthcare industry in the state of New York, EssenMED House Calls is the 8th fastest growing company.

“It is an honor to be fastest growing in-home medical practice in the country. This achievement is a testament to the commitment of our entire staff including our doctors, nurse practitioners, scribes, administrative staff and the management team to provide the best medical in-home care available,” said Dr. Sumir Sahgal, Chief Medical Officer and Founder of EssenMED House Calls. “It is also an affirmation that our service is unquestionably needed. Homebound individuals – including the elderly, frail and disabled – remain an invisible and neglected segment of our population. At EssenMED House Calls, our goal is keep to these patients in their homes and in the best possible health.”

In January of 2011, EssenMED House Calls cared for just over 500 patients. By the end of 2014 the number of homebound patients under its care was north of 3,500.  The majority of EssenMED House Calls patients suffer from multiple chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and continue to remain one of the sickest, costliest and most medically underserved populations in healthcare.

To be included on the list, privately owned businesses have to meet several qualifications, including having revenues of at least $2 million in 2014 and growing at least 43% over the past three years.  EssenMED House Calls far exceeded the requirements and reported $ 5 million in revenues for 2014 and growth of 405% since 2011.

For more information on EssenMED House Calls, visit or call 718.294.6200.


Legionnaires’ Outbreak in Bronx

Bronx, NY (August 6, 2015) – As a healthcare provider deeply rooted in the Bronx, EssenMed House Calls is concerned, not only by the outbreak of the Legionnaires’ disease, but also the extent of the outbreak in the South Bronx. On high alert, EssenMed House Calls has been closely following reports of the largest outbreak of Legionnaires’ in New York City in at least three years. To date, seven people have fallen victim to this deadly disease while 86 more have contracted it. All of us at EssenMed House Calls and our affiliated companies Essen Medical Associates and MetroUrgiCare send out our deepest condolences to the families involved and grieve the loss of the seven individuals who passed away.

 Legionnaires’ disease, named after a 1976 outbreak at an American Legion convention in Philadelphia, is a respiratory bacterial infection contracted by inhaling mist from water systems where “legionella” bacteria thrive. Legionnaires’ disease is an airborne illness, meaning it cannot be passed from person to person.  Since the first reported case of Legionnaires’ disease this summer, officials have been attempting to locate the source of the outbreak. A wide-spread official investigation has found Legionnaires’ bacteria in five out of the 17 cooling towers in buildings across the South Bronx, including towers at the Opera House Hotel and the Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center. The other towers that tested positive are in the Verizon office building, Streamline Plastics Company and the Concourse Plaza, a mall near Yankee Stadium.

City officials are, however, still unable to confirm which cooling tower is responsible for the outbreak but have confirmed that all five of the affected buildings had been decontaminated. Re-assuring the public, Dr. Varma, deputy commissioner for disease control at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, stated, “we are confident the investigation we’ve done has identified all the potential sources of the infection.”

You may have contracted Legionnaire’s if you suffer from flu-like symptoms including fever, cough, chills, and muscle ache, headache, fatigue, loss of appetite, confusion, and diarrhea. Seniors and those with pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, chronic lung disease, cancer, HIV are warned to be on high alert. These underlying medical conditions weaken the body’s immune system and place them at greater risk of contracting Legionnaires’.  If infection occurs, disease symptoms usually appear within two to ten days. Legionnaires’ is treatable with antibiotics and proper medical care.

We, therefore, urge anyone who suspects to be suffering from Legionnaire’s symptoms to immediately seek medical attention. If you need to be seen by a doctor immediately, you can visit MetroUrgiCare at 1550 University Avenue until 9PM during the week and until 5PM on weekends. You may also visit one of our many doctor offices in the Bronx. For more information about our office locations, please visit If you are physically or otherwise unable to leave your home, we encourage you to call EssenMed House Calls. EssenMed House Calls will promptly send a top-quality healthcare provider to treat you in the comfort and safety of your home.

For more information on EssenMED House Calls, call 718.294.6200 or visit


Established in 2005, EssenMED House Calls serves as New York State’s largest medical house calls provider, caring for nearly 4,000 home-bound, elderly and/or disabled patients throughout the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and Westchester. Equipped with the latest state-of-the-art mobile technology, EssenMED House Calls providers travel to patient homes in order to deliver high-quality, compassionate health that ensures patient safety and comfort.




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